Jarri Atelier was founded on the idea to design and create the crafts domestically in Australia using high end machinery and locally available material. Jarri Atelier serves the individuals as well as the businesses, to produce the standard and customized products. Jarri Atelier offers the opportunity to local talent to come forward and share their designs with us, we will make the product and will show to the world using our platforms.

Jarri Atelier is originated from Jarri Lights; however, Jarri Lights imports the designer products from overseas and implement locally whereas Jarri Atelier domestically create the design and products and implement locally and show the world. ‘Jarri’ is our little boy born on 31 Aug 2016, ‘Jarri Lights’ born exactly after two years on 31 Aug 2018 that is why named Jarri Lights. The journey continued and ‘Jarri Atelier’ born on exactly after two more years on 31 Aug 2020.